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10 Best Examples of Email Marketing Templates

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How can you benefit from a great email marketing design?

An often-overlooked part of your campaign, choosing a distinctive, readable design can make the difference between engagement and being swiftly discarded into your client’s junk folder.

Settling on a quality design can help increase your likelihood of conversions, helping you in a range of different ways. Some of which include-

Building Trust: Choosing a readable, branded design can help introduce your brand to a customer and let them know that you are a reliable, established player.

Educating your reader: A well-structured design can help your reader understand who you are, what you do, and what makes you special on the market – often within the space of 30 seconds or less.

Establishing your value proposition: Along with branding, a good campaign helps highlight what makes your business truly special. Readers will start to understand what makes your product or service unique.

Encouraging follow-through: Crafting a quality call to action can help onboard customers to your business, leading them straight into your deals pipeline with a single click.

What are the 10 best free templates that Email Blaster offer?

When it comes to finding the right design for your business, templated email blasts are a fantastic way to go. Bearing this in mind, we’ve added some of our favourite designs to the site.

Here are 10 of our absolute favourites, starting with-

1. Crisp Confidence: This combines a strong branded header with a dominant image, making it perfect for clothing or other visually-led products.

2. Travel Style: With a bright colour palette and embedded video, this punchy page is perfect for property or travel, letting your put your deals front and centre with a clear CTA button.

3. Simple Details: Keen on letting your readers know what you offer and how to use it? This two-tone design is ideal for breaks, property offers and more.

4. Elegant Sales: Marrying a catalogue with a marketing letter, this lets your items speak for themselves – allowing you to make your offers and brand visible with ease

5. One-Click Engagement: Built around a clearly labelled button, this is great for respecting your reader’s time and giving them the ability to learn more while still building confidence.

6. Info-Tastic : Properly structuring your layout can make even the most important information digestible. This template uses segmentation and breakdowns to make your text clean, concise, and easily digestible.

7. Timebound Encouragement: On old trick but a good one – adding an accurate ticking clock can incentivise a customer to learn more. Bringing in clickable links for unique deals can help efficiently seal the deal.

8. Season’s Greetings: Making a holiday part of your marketing can hammer home the time-limited nature of your deal while still making an informal connection. Sending a simple e-card can keep you on their mind and give a great excuse for individual follow-up.

9. Custom Quality: Sometimes you just need to do your own thing and having a solid template can help. Our business template is highly customisable, letting you add your text and pictures with ease – guaranteeing a quick turnaround within minutes.

10. Quick and Clean: Some templates are classics for a reason. This simple design respects your readers’ time by providing space to detail your proposition and add single-click engagement. Perfect!

What Next?

If you want to learn more about how email templates can add value to your business, our team at Email Blaster are here to help. With comprehensive experience working across a number of sectors, we understand the importance of providing bespoke care to match your unique business and marketing needs.

You can review our list of services in full from here. Or, if you have any questions or queries about your use-case, please do not hesitate to contact our team directly and let us know exactly what you need to make the most out of your campaign.

Find our email marketing services and how we can help today.

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