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The importance of verifying your email marketing sending domain.

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Why verify your domain name?

When it comes to customer engagement, reaching out to your audience has become harder than ever. No matter if you have installed an ssl certificate, optimised your site for mobile, or splashed out on fancy UX; email bounce-back has become the bane of modern marketing.

So, why is registering your domain so vital when it comes to outreach and what are the advantages of doing so?

Why verifying your domain name is important

Simply put, the currency of modern e-commerce is legitimacy.

Being able to verify that you are receiving information from a reliable source or visiting a trusted site is an important part of the onboarding process for customers. The slightest hint of danger or deceit can see them turn tail.

Whether you are sending emails to company accounts or home users, it’s increasingly common to see your outbound messages bounce back and be flagged as spam. This can massively cut into your engagement efforts and force you to start with troubleshooting issues rather than starting an email campaign.

This makes domain registration an essential step in your pipeline and your journey in building legitimacy for your business or brand.

The benefits of verifying your domain name

At its core, verifying your domain is a rubber stamp or ‘handshake’ with your recipient’s email provider, telling them that your message is true and legitimate. Aside from ensuring that your emails end up where they’re supposed to be, some key benefits include-

Improved Analytics: If you’re keen on refining your marketing, it’s essential that your data is valid and detailed. Ensuring that your messages are being sent through provides you with useful metricised data, allowing you to make better business decisions through validated insight.

Increased Engagement: If clients are guaranteed to see your emails, they are much more likely to interact with them. This maximises engagement with your product or service, prevents issues with reputational damage, and empowers you to steadily cultivate audience awareness.

Saves resource: Fiddly problem solving may not cost much on paper, but it almost eats up time and effort. Ensuring your messages go through first-time, helping your team focus their efforts where they are most needed and not wasted on firefighting email issues.

How to verify your domain name

Luckily, domain verification is a straightforward process…if you know what you’re doing.

When an email is sent to an individual, their platform will check for two elements, a DomainKeys Identified Email (DKIM) signature and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record. These pieces of code validate the veracity of the sender by ‘signing’ your identity, allowing it to be checked against a publicly available key and verifying that the address of origin for the email has not been forged.

Authentication is as simple as adding an SPF and DKIM element to your domain – a time-consuming technical process that becomes quick and clean with Email Blaster. Authenticating your site with our software platform allows you to stay assured that your communications are sent correctly, saving you time, effort, and energy.

Our platform has a number of feature-rich pieces of functionality that can help add value throughout our business; from automating your marketing, tracking your roi on subscriber spend, transitioning to the cloud, and more.

What next?

If you want to find out how verifying your domain through Email Blaster can add value to your communications, you can learn more at our dedicated product page. Or, if you have questions or queries that you can’t find answers to online, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly and let our highly trained team know how we can help. Find our email marketing software services now.

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