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Simplify your email marketing with apps

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Email marketing apps: Probably a familiar term these days ‘apps’. Everyone has them, be it your smart phone, pc or game console.

When it comes to your email marketing, did you know that email blaster has its own email marketing apps store with a wide range of apps to really turbo charge your email marketing.

Let’s find out about what apps email blaster has to offer and how it can make the complex simple when it comes to your email marketing.

So, here are our top 4 email marketing apps inside email blaster:

1. Form builder

The age old question. How can i build a quality list of email subscribers?

Have you ever been on a website, and they have a box asking you to subscribe to their email newsletter? Welcome to form builder.

From our range of email marketing apps Form builder lets you create your own newsletter signup widget which you can quickly embed on your website. This is really great to capture the contact details of your website visitors, so that you can sell to them.

To make life easy, everything is drag and drop. Drag form elements, buttons and text into place, to build that perfect newsletter subscribe form for your website.

The best part is, you don’t need to get your hands dirty messing with the code on your website. If you have a custom website, we have a quick 2 line embed code, copy, paste it on your web page, done.

If you are using a WordPress powered site, even better, you can use the official email blaster wordpress app which will automatically embed the widget on your site for you! No coding required.

and even more, form builder will create a double opt in subscribe form which will automatically add users to your email blaster mailing list. Everything is automated, no manual input required.

2. Dupe Remover

This is the second of our email marketing apps we love inside the email blaster app store, and it helps create happy subscribers.

Your subscribers are going to really dislike you if you send them multiple copies of your email newsletter, so we never want to do this. This is where dupe remover comes into play.

Install the email marketing apps, and dupe remover will automatically scan your mailing list for any duplicate email addresses. It will send you a quick report when its done, letting you know if it found and duplicates and auto removing these for you.

Within a few clicks you are left with a clean duplicate free email database. Something which could of taken you hours or days to do manually. Making you happy, and your subscribers happy.

3. Spam Score

Lets have a look at our next favourite from the email marketing apps; Spam Score.

We all want our newsletter to land in our subscribers inbox, not slip into that dreaded junk folder or even worse, get rejected entirely. This is where spam score helps.

Before sending your next campaign, consider installing the spam score app from inside the email blaster app store.

Spam score will have a look at the subject line and content of your mailer, letting you know how inbox friendly it is.

We really hated that with some other spam checkers out there that it just gives you a numeric score. What is that supposed to mean? We are not all server administrators.

Spam Score gives a human friendly spam score. Giving you quick tips and advise to really help ensure that your lovingly built mailer lands in your subscribers inbox, just as you and they indented.

4. Suppress

And finally, the latest of our email marketing apps added to the email blaster app store, again focused around happy subscribers and happy email marketing.

One of the worst things you can do is accidentally re-import a user who has previously unsubscribed from your email newsletter. This will often result in complaints which can in turn impact your sender score.

So here is where suppress comes into play. The suppress app is an easy to manage a suppression list of email addresses who you never want to contact.

If you have quite a few suppressions to add in one go, you can use the integrated drag and drop import tool. Quickly drop your suppression file direct from your computer into the app, and email blaster will take care of the rest.

In addition to that you can add custom notes to each suppression to remind of why they were added but further still, the suppress app can get intelligent with your data management.

The app will automatically scan all of your email blaster mailing lists every 24 hours to check against your suppression list. And when you import a new list, List Ai will also scan against your suppressions.

Suppression management just got really easy. One of the great email marketing apps available.

Ok, that was our top 4 email marketing apps to create happy subscribers and make your email marketing that much easier.

email marketing apps; I hope that you found it useful, and if you fancy using one of the apps we talked about today, from inside your email blaster, click on ‘apps’ and lets go!

If you’d like to try email blaster, please open a free account and take it for a spin.

Find our email marketing services and how we can help today.

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