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List Doctor – an answer to spam for email marketing service providers?

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Email marketing using bulk email transmission software such as Email Blaster UK is the most effective and economic way of communicating via the internet. But the epidemic levels of unsolicited emails – spam, is a blight which creates severe difficulties for legitimate email marketing organisations. In addition to the necessity of competing with the sea of unsolicited email traffic, much from otherwise well respected ‘high street’ sources it must be said, legitimate email marketing companies must ensure that their email lists are correctly compiled, free of any corruption and duplications and derived from legitimate sources.

Email Blaster UK typically handles customer’s email lists that are many millions of addresses in size. These lists will be of verifiable provenance – a requirement both in law and under international protocols, but may have been compiled from subsidiary listings or be old and possibly containing moribund addresses.

Any of these failing would present as a gross irritant to recipients or even be classified as spam, potentially causing complaints to the sender. For example, a list that has been compiled from several, albeit entirely legitimate lists, subsidiary lists – eg. in a multi operation corporation or following acquisition of a company,  may contain multiple duplications of addresses. Receiving many repeats of the identical email is a common cause of extreme annoyance and is classified as spam.

Email Blaster UK recognised the need and the opportunity for improvement in its service, in developing a world leading anti spam facility for its bulk email system – Email Blaster. List Doctor was developed within the software development facility in Email Blaster’s Silverstone, England facility and was fully introduced this year. List Doctor is now freely available to all users of Email Blaster and offers the confidence to the user that the email list has been fully scanned and cleansed of a range of potential spam addresses.

List Doctor – the main functions and features:

  • De-duping, ie the detection and removal of all duplicated or near duplicated email addresses is a standard routine that is common to many list cleansing software systems on offer.
  • Corrupt addresses. Addresses that are incorrect, corrupted by transposition etc are removed or corrected.
  • Barred addresses. Email Blaster UK maintains a regularly updated library of email addresses which are barred for whatever reason.
  • Barred email reader server suffixes.  Again, all email suffixes (@address) are stored in Email Blaster’s library which is updated regularly.
  • Advice against use. A key feature. Email blaster UK has developed software algorithms which enable detection and removal of addresses which are in the Advise Against Use (AAU’s) category.

The algorithms that detect these addresses are complex and highly confidential as they are believed to offer unique protection against unwitting inclusion in a legitimate list of potential spam addresses. There are features within potential spam list – a harvested or auto created list, which List Doctor detects and incorporates into it’s software routines to weed out doubtful addresses.

Using Email Blaster’s List Doctor to scan and cleans a users email list doesn’t guarantee 100% delivery or 0% bounce and 0% negative response but it does very significantly improve these key performance ratios to the point of delivering a superior level of delivery and a huge reduction in unwitting spam content.

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