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Email marketing using cloud based software

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Cloud functionality refers generically to the capacity to run software systems on-line from any remote computer, with all functionality and associated data bases etc. Located on the server being interfaced with. As a generic technique, ‘cloud based’ describes the use of on-line capability to undertake processing operations associated with the software system.

The benefits of cloud based operation of software systems is that highly complex and large software packages can be operated from a PC, laptop or tablet etc. with minimal processing capacity and, most importantly, no operating system or proprietary software requirements such as Windows, Office, Adobe etc.

It means that all of the functionality of a complex software system can be accessed and operated without any downloaded support software occupying space and resources on the remote PC or laptop. This also, of course, means that any computer hardware can be used from any location where internet access is available.

More advanced IT system providers across a host of business sectors employ cloud based technology now – a good example being off the peg accounting software available from some market leading accountancy software businesses to users. Such software systems offering full functionality including file storage , templates, processing and file preparation for on-line submissions to government agencies such as HMRC, Companies house etc.

Email marketing service providers are now recognising that the benefits of presenting entirely cloud based email marketing software offers many significant advantages to customers and therefore constitutes a market advantage in the email marketing UK marketplace.

Market leading Email marketing systems such as Email Blaster UK are now fully cloud based and users of this email marketing service require minimal computing hardware and software to gain access to all of the functionality of the email marketing system, including;

  • All the email list storage, processing and broadcasting functions
  • List cleansing software such as List Doctor
  • Template designs
  • Email content improvement software such as Spam Ferret
  • Broadcast statistics

The user, once signed onto the account, has access to all stored email list files and can manipulate email content, lists, bulk sends etc remotely, with all of the processing undertaken and stored securely on one of the servers at the data centre.

The key element of an entirely cloud based email marketing system such as Email Blaster UK is that the user has full access to all of the services quickly and easily with all of the complex processing and interface software operating ‘under the hood’. It’s invisible to the user.

A lot of systems described as cloud based in fact require a significant amount of gateway software downloaded and held by the remote user’s PC which continues to present a limitation to the true portability of the operation. Email Blaster UK set out to eliminate completely the requirement for ‘Gateway Software’ downloaded to the user’s machine. This was not an easy objective to achieve and all Email blaster UK hardware operates via 1Gbit connections – an ultra-fast connection rate.

The result is that, with fully cloud based email marketing services, the user has access to the most sophisticated and advanced email marketing software with access via the most basic of interface hardware including smart phones, tablets and internet café equipment whilst maintain banking standard security and protection to sensitive data.


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