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Email Marketing: Getting personal to improve ROI

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Get to know your web visitors a little better and you can start to develop the kind of email marketing subscriber list that dreams are made of. The journey your visitors make through your website will provide you with the intelligence to design campaigns with a more bespoke approach.

Understand what email marketing your clients want to receive

This should be the starting point of any campaign. Your list of subscribers should be able to tell a story that enables you to target certain products at certain buyers. Segment your list into categories based on the following:

1. Recent purchases
2. Shopping cart abandonment
3. Newsletter sign-ups
4. Enquiries without a purchase

Take these elements and segment your list to create four different sub lists that you can prepare campaigns for. For example; if you are a holiday company, you will have thousands of visitors browsing through your site for particular destinations. Start by segmenting all the visitors that are interested in self-catering villas in Spain. Send them an email template with details of villas in Spain and you will see a big improvement in bookings for this type of holiday. By doing this you are simply providing your opted in clients with the information they want.

If you are getting lots of enquiries but not turning them into business, you need to get an understanding of what these enquiries really want. By looking at their journey through your website, you can identify a pattern and compartmentalise key targets for mailings. If they focused time on looking at particular products, mail them with a great offer that has a time deadline attached and analyse the results.

Don’t forget your recent purchasers.  It is so much easier to sell to existing customers that create new business, so make sure you utilise this list and keep in touch with your clients with new product announcements and offers on a regular basis.

Finally, when you are signing up new subscribers, try to get first name and last name so you can personalise your emails to each client.  This, along with your segmentation and targeted emails will ensure each email marketing campaign is received, read and acted upon rather than just ignored.

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