Email Encryption In Transit

Email TLS Encryption

We are pleased to announce that at email blaster, we have implemented end to end encryption on every email sent using the email blaster cloud.

This means that when you hit send on your email marketing campaign, at the point that your email leaves the email blaster network, we encrypt it. While it is traveling across the internet to it’s final destination, 3rd parties;  internet service providers and government are not able to snoop on your message (reading or modifying its contents).

Only when your message arrives at its final destination, the message is decrypted and displayed for the end user. This is perfect if your email contains sensitive information that you want kept away from any 3rd party other than the intended recipient.

TLS Encryption Protocol

The email blaster email gateways now use “Opportunistic TLS (STARTTLS)”. This is a  cryptographic protocol that helps provide privacy between communicating applications made during the delivery of your mail campaign.

When an email blaster gateway performs a handshake with the indented recipient’s email server, we ask if the recipient server support TLS encryption. If the destination server reports that it supports this secure protocol, we then delivery the your email using this preferred secure method. During the handshake process, if the recipient server reports that it is unable to accept secure messages, to maximise delivery, the email blaster cloud will then automatically fall back to transferring your email using the traditional unencrypted method – this then provides backwards compatibility for older email servers.

Becoming the email standard

TLS email encryption is fast becoming the standard for delivery email – as it is considered a secure route viruses the traditional plain text method. It has been reported that the financial services industry with leading firms such asL JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America have implemented TLS security on all their email servers. Many large email service providers (ESP’s) have also adopted TLS standards: Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to name a few.

The Online Trust Alliance no report that TLS prevents eavesdropping by offering a secure encryption standard while your email is in transit. It is recommended that all emails transmitted across the internet should use TLS end to end encryption.

Fully automated

As a user of the email blaster cloud, no action is required on your part. When sending your next email campaign, our sending network will automatically add encryption to all your outgoing emails (when the final destination server also supports encryption).

So when you next hit send on your lovingly created email campaign, feel rest assured that at email blaster we are always working hard to provide an easy to use secure platform, with TLS now automatically supported throughout the network.  

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