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What is domain verification and why is it important?

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If you are sending out email marketing using third-party software, such as Email Blaster or similar then it’s likely that you have already bumped into ‘Domain Verification’. In this article, we are going to look at what it is and why it’s important.

What is domain verification?

Domain verification is effectively adding a seal of authenticity to your sending domain name. So if you are sending out your email marketing using your company domain name as the ‘send from’ or ‘reply to’ address, then this is where you would add your domain verification.

It involves adding two pieces of information via the control panel for your company domain name – this would be the control panel that you have access to via your domain registrar.  

These two pieces of information are an SPF record and a DKIM signature. All that you need to do is obtain this information from your Email Marketing software platform provider. it’ll be a simple line of text that you can cut and paste into your domain settings as a new record.

If you are an Email Blaster user, then we have a very quick and simple guide available, giving you details for both SPF and DKIM:

View the Email Blaster domain verification guide

Why is domain verification important

If you are using third-party software, such as Email Blaster or similar to send out your email marketing then it’s quite essential to set up domain verification. Spam filters have really tightened up on this over the past few years. 

If you don’t have domain verification in place, there’s a strong possibility that the spam filters could send your email marketing straight into the junk folder.

The reason why they do this is in the interest of stopping phishing-type emails. These are emails where the sender is pretending to be someone else, such as your bank for example. When using email marketing software, your emails will appear in inboxes as benign sent from your company domain name – but behind the scenes, they are sent via your email marketing software platform’s sender servers.

To spam filters, this can in instances display similar characteristics to a purposeful disguise identity email, in order to provide the necessary validation, this is where domain verification is vital.

Without adding an SPF and a DKIM signature, there is a risk that a spam filter with fairly strict settings may incorrectly associate your email with this risk.

It’s now become quite essential to carry this out before engaging in any email marketing campaigns.

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