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The new email blaster blog.

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Good morning all. Today we are very pleased to announce the launch of the new look email blaster blog. Over the last few days our in-house development team have been working hard to give the blog a lick of paint. Hope you like it!

Over the last couple of months the EB blog readership has dramatically increased (thank you to everyone that uses the blog). We thought it was time to update the blog, making it easier to use and quickly find the latest email marketing tips and tricks , along with news and network updates.

There are 4 main development areas that we have focused on. Please find below a quick summary of what exactly has changed:

New look.

This is the obvious one, if you are reading this post, chances are that you have already spotted the new look for the blog. As before, we feel is is important that the blog uses the same branding as per the main website, however several teaks have been made.

Two column layout. On the right hand side of all pages we have included what we are calling the quick find area. The right column includes a search bar, category listing along with a quick summary of recent posts by our contributors. The aim of this inclusion was to help improve ease of navigation.

We regularly blog tips and tricks email marketing related, chances are that if you have a quick question, we have already blogged about it. Use the quick search bar to enter your key phrase.

Clearer pagination. While the previous blog provided some great information, we did however feel it was a lille uninviting. Poppy our design guru has been hard working to develop the pagination and text spacing of all posts. All posts are now presented in a much clearer font with improved use of white space to help you quickly find what you are after.

Front page Summary. The blog home page now includes a summary of the last 5 articles posted, with links to read the full article. The previous release included the last 10 articles in full on the home page – this resulted in some very long pages! (especially when mike posts!) – So we have aimed to break it up a little.

Headline Images. Each post now includes a headline image. You have probably already noticed this at the top of the page and on the most recent contributions. This is purely an aesthetic change, we wanted to make all posts look a little more inviting, and clearly outline the subject area discussed.

Author Bio’s

You may have spotted this one already. At the bottom of each post, we now include a brief bio of the blog post author. If you scroll down to the botton of this post, you will notice my mug and a little about me. We are proud to have some very experienced contributors to the email blaster blog.

From a personal perspective, if i am reading an article – its nice to see who wrote it and and why they are an authority in this subject area.

Lets get social

Social networks appear to be growing in popularity by the day. Almost everyone i know has a twitter and facebook account. Even when watching TV, sky news and other programs will invite viewer feedback by twitter.

If you are like me, to help feed any social network addiction, we have included share buttons on each post. If you found an article helpful, we would very much appreciate it if you click the share button or tweet us.  Scroll down a post, the share buttons will appear on the left next to the article body.

Comments system

At the bottom of every article, we have also introduced a new comments system. You can sign in and post a comment using your social network account (facebook, twitter etc).

The new comments system powered by disqus so far has received some great feedback from our beta testers. I invite you try it – feel free to drop us a comment on any article.


On behalf of the development teat @ EB. I hope that you enjoy using the new blog. We have some great new tips and tricks articles currently in the pipeline – so watch this space for more info. If you would like us to cover a certain subject area in the coming weeks, drop us a comment and let me know.

Kind Regards.


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