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Plain text alternative. It’s vital!

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You have spent ages designing a fantastic looking HTML based email layout, you have carefully formatted all your images and text to match your corporate branding – Have you added a plain text alternative?

When designing your email campaign, Email Blaster will ask that you create a plain text alternative alongside your HTML based email. Many people overlook this addition, however it can have a massive impact on the success of your email campaign.

What is a plain text alternative?

Alongside your HTML based email (the version which contains all your formatted text and images) we ask that you write a plain text version. A plain text alternative is a version of your email campaign that contains no formatting or images. The plain text version simply contains your content text.

You can write your plain text version by clicking on the tab named “Plain text version” when designing your campaign.

Why do i need it?

Having a plain text version to accompany your HTML based email campaign is vital:

  • Some older anti spam filters struggle to read HTML based email campaigns, so they only look at the plain text version. Without a plain text version your email may be marked as spam.
  • Spammers don’t take the time to write a plain text version, so you should! Spammers who send millions of emails a day normally do not include a plain text version – they are more concerned about sending volume.  A good rule of thumb is always do the opposite to what a spammer would do. If they dont take the time to write 2 versions on an email – you should!
  • Not everyone can read HTML emails. Most people can read HTML based emails. However a limited amount of users are still unable to read a HTML based email. If our system detects that the recipient can’t read HTML based emails, it will automatically dispatch the plain text version. Taking the time to write a plain text and HTML version will help maximise how many people can view your email!

When designing your next campaign, take the time to write and attach a plain text version to your campaign – it only takes a few moments and can have a great positive impact on your email marketing.

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