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New Email Gateways

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Due to demand, early next week we will be bringing online 5 further email gateways.

The servers to host these email gateways are currently being built and are due to be installed in our data centre over the weekend. The additional email gateways will help spread the load on our network and generate extra room for you to grow.

As with all our other email gateways these will be installed in UK data centres meaning that your email marketing campaigns will originate from a UK IP address – this will help open rates for when you send to UK based businesses.

Get your own private email gateway and dedicated IP

With our new servers due to come online next week, this gives us extra capacity to provide private email gateways with a dedicated IP to our customers.

Having your own IP address will mean that you wont be affected if another user is blacklisted for spamming. Your Email Blaster UK will be fully independent of everyone else. A private email gateway will also help ensure that you emails are sent quicker and not queued up with other users.

Private email gateways with a dedicated UK IP address cost £50 per month. Please give us a call for more information or to upgrade.

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