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NEW – Download CSV Reports

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After listening to your feedback, we have today added 3 new great features to Email Blaster UK.

Stars – Email Campaign CSV Reports

The first new addition lets to quickly generate and download CSV reports from your email campaigns. Users can now download CSV reports containing the following information:

  • Email open list
  • Links clicked
  • Unsubscribes
  • Bounces

Once the CSV file has been downloaded to your computer, you can easily open the file in your favourite spreadsheet application (such as Microsoft Excel). You can generate and download as many CSV reports as needed. In addition to this, for smaller email campaigns, users can already download a PDF report.

To access the report download section, when viewing your campaign stats click on “Report”.

Mailing Lists – Search For a Contact

If you run a very large mailing list and need to add/edit an specific contact in one of your mailing lists, we have now added the ability for you to search for a contact. The new search facility can be located via clicking on the “view mailing lists” option within the main menu.

Mailing Lists – Export as CSV

Over time your mailing lists will probably change, bounced emails are automatically removed, unsubscribes are automatically removed. So that you can update any internal database which you may have within your company, we have now added the ability for you to export your Mail Manager UK mailing lists as a CSV file (CSV files can be opened in excel etc).

To export a mailing list as a CSV file, navigate to your specified mailing list and select the ‘export’ button’ located at the top of the page.

We hope you enjoy using the new features in Email Blaster UK. If you have any suggestions for further developments – please let us know!

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