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At Email Blaster, it is our aim to provide you with an easy to use, all in one, online email marketing solution, supplied by our friendly, UK based support team. Using our software you can add every contact from your customer database and send every one of these contacts, emails and newsletters at the click of a button. This software also allows you to track the results of your email marketing campaign as you build a rapport with your existing clients and keep them in touch with your business advancements and achievements and increase your turn over. You will be able to see how effective your campaign has been and we are confident you will be happy with the results and this will enable business growth.

What are email marketing campaigns?

Email marketing is an efficient, cost effective way of sending your business message to a large group of contacts via email. These emails can contain different things from newsletters, adverts, business requests, information about business advances or new things you have to offer your existing customers. The aim is to build a connection and a loyalty with your customers and increase your brand awareness. This then encourages customers to maintain their investments with you, repeat business and hopefully spend more money with you.

Email marketing provides you with a fantastic opportunity to persuade your customers to sustain their business with you or reinstate business you may have lost by keeping them up to date when things change that may catch their interest. It is just another form of advertising but on a personal basis where you persuade the connections you have already made. It also targets your customers on a personal basis that cannot be missed.

Email marketing services work by syncing your contact database with our online system. You can then design newsletters or emails that you wish to send out using our templates and your own text and images. We offer some top quality looking newsletters that are easy to construct and edit so they are personalised around your business. We then send out these emails to every contact in your database or you can select the contacts you would like to email. It is that easy to communicate with hundreds to thousands of people with one simple process, there is no easier way to do this.

How important is email marketing?

As we transform into a world based around technology, online marketing is becoming even more important if you want to compete with other companies in your field. One of the best ways is to build a bond with your customers and make them feel as though you are keeping in touch and not forgetting about them. Customer service and relations is vital to a successful business and repeat custom.

It is a popular strategy for all major brands, as 91% of consumers will check their emails on a daily basis, which makes this an obvious communication channel for getting in touch with people. Also now more and more people are proud owners of smartphones, access to emails has become so simple and this means they will be checked on a regular basis and even be notified when they receive new emails.

We understand that customers do not appreciate being spammed with hundreds of emails a week and this is the main reason that people report as what leads to them unsubscribing to emails. This is obviously not what we want and our aim is to come across as anything other than spam. You may decide to develop a weekly or monthly newsletter, how ever often you deem it necessary. Our easy to use newsletter drag and drop system makes it doable to design and create a new newsletter every 7 days however you may decide this is too much. We would recommend a minimum of once a month and a maximum of once a week. As long as you have interesting, changeable content, sending emails on a regular basis should still engage your readers and some larger companies, as I am sure you are aware, send these emails daily, depending on what they have to offer. You can choose and change how often you want to send these emails as you go along and this can be incorporated as part of your free Email Marketing Strategy.

Why do an email marketing campaign?

You may be unsure of whether an email marketing system will be overly effective for your business, however our system allows you to track the results of your emails such as the click through rates and subscription numbers. They also show how many people receive, open and read the emails you are sending which provides figures you can aim to improve with our knowledge and skills, we know exactly how to maximise these numbers.

If you provide your customers with interesting, personal information that is not generic advertising non-sense then they will begin to see the quality and depth of your business and take the time to read your emails. If you know your purpose and put this directly to the reader, and provide call-to-action links and create an opportunity to interact and share the content then these are ways to make your campaign really work for you and your business.

Once the customer has opened the email they can be given a click through link and this provides an opportunity to increase traffic to your website. This is probably the main advantage of an email marketing campaign as click through rates; increase traffic which increases sales and brand awareness, ultimately increasing your profits. There are some massive claims of percentage increases in your revenue whilst using email marketing campaigns, but to provide solid evidence you can invest in an Email Blaster campaign and see the results for yourself.

One of the main benefits of our email marketing software is how easy it is to use. There are no lengthy advertising campaigns involved just a simple email design and send process to connect with every client you have ever had or currently have. This ease of use makes keeping in touch and building these personal connections so simple without having to contact each individual person on a personal level. You require no technical training or know-how as we offer a step by step procedure that is fool-proof.

Compared to postal mail and telesales campaigns your time and effort will both be reduced massively and your message gets to its destination instantly. If you have offers that are on for a limited time only or short-term sales, using emails prevents the extensive planning and sending out of an advert in the post or booking a television or radio slot months in advance. This enables you to offer your customers offers on the day and the immediacy and easy access is followed up by more sales. With the increasingly popular black Friday sales and boxing day sales this enables you to get your offers out there to compete with your competition.

Your customers will appreciate the personal touch as you can select which contacts to send your emails to and can break up your database into sections depending on the type of business or type of client you want to approach. The frequent communications will actually enhance your customer relations and provide the excellent level of customer service and satisfaction that we all, as business people, aim to provide.

How to do email marketing effectively?

To make your campaign successful you need to select the best provider and at Email Blaster we offer the best online software that is the most straightforward to use.

You need to clean up your contacts and update and verify the emails and our system can automatically remove emails that bounce and explain why, if you have lower read rates than expected. Also offering new customers the option to opt in to your newsletter will keep your database growing and enable you to contact more and more people as your business grows.

To get started just log on and add your mailing list using wizard which can add the data from any spreadsheet such as Excel and Numbers to the software. You can even map mail merge fields, removing errors and invalid data. You then need to design your email, we offer a multitude of templates that you can drag and drop images and text into. The designing is so simple, if you have an established brand image this will make it easier for you. If not then you may wish to decide upon a logo, template, colour scheme, font etc. that will be consistent throughout the email marketing campaign.

You do not need to download any software as this is all done online and is easy for anyone to use. All there is to do then is to finalise your email and we take care of the rest as your customers all receive your email when you want them to. You can request a time of sending if you wish for your emails to be delivered at the same time every day or week.

You can then track the results such as when they are delivered, opened, read, clicked on and many more. We then also produce graphs for you to show these results that are easy to interpret and hopefully you will see an increase in revenue.

There is then very little maintenance required other than creating the newsletter or email you desire on the basis of when you want them. You just purchase credits in bundles or pay as you go and we will take care of everything else.

Email marketing software

Considering there is no software to download, you will not be required to update or maintain anything, as everything is done online. We will update our system to keep improving upon it, without disturbing your campaign. Our coders are constantly working on new exciting elements to add to the system and offer you more ways to make an impact. The email marketing software is simple to use and we pride ourselves on making things as easy as they can be to save you as much time as possible. The wizard software that we use is compatible with most databases and no technical skills are necessary to understand the system. We also have a UK helpline if you are struggling operating in working hours, which is 08452637266. This is why we think we are the best company to choose to assist you with your marketing plan.

Using email marketing software is so much easier than approaching every individual contact. When you have a large database most email providers will not cope with sending to mass amounts of email addresses. There is no maximum limit to the number of people you can email so there are no constraints on how far your marketing can stretch. Also, this enables you to construct, view and ensure the compatibility of the newsletter. We also remove emails that have bounced from your list to clean it up and not waste time emailing invalid addresses.

We ensure that our software is mobile friendly and compatible with any device and email provider. Our system is also available from any smart device so you can log on and use it right away, simple.


Another great advantage of email marketing is that your email marketing strategy is very affordable; we have customers running businesses of all sizes from multinational companies to small, start-up businesses on a smaller budget.

We offer a monthly package, which starts from £10.99 a month. This package involves full tracking analytics, 2,000 monthly emails, 30-day contract that you can withdraw from if you are not seeing results (which we think is highly unlikely), and the lowest possible price for regular sends. We offer monthly packages that can deliver 200,000 emails per month, you can adjust the number you require as your business grows and you gain more customers.

If you would prefer a pay as you go method you can join for free today! There is no monthly commitment, no credit or debit card information required, you are able to add addresses when needed, you can import an unlimited number of contacts into our database and you also receive a free template library. If you do choose to pay as you go, you can open an account straight away for nothing and add credits later. The credits start from as little as £4.99 for 500 emails and you can pay in bulk for up to 400,000 emails to use when and how you wish.

Why choose Email Blaster?

We are a UK based email marketing provider serving small businesses worldwide. Our aim is to remove all the middlemen; the graphic designers, the consultants, the coders etc. and make it so that you can do everything yourself with ease and talk to the people you need to, to get the right information. We created our own software so if advice is needed, you will talk directly to one of our software developers who know everything there is to know about the system. There is no third party, only the creators who are passionate about everything we do and know all the ins and outs of the system.

We have 8 years of experience in the industry and have a dedicated team of in-house experts who have worked for the company and watched it develop since 2008. Two brothers; Jamie and Chris Peters originally founded the company in 2008 and the family has grown from there. Jamie covers marketing and customer support and Chris leads the team of coders and technology know it alls, the brains behind the software.

In 2012 we became a registered UK ISP with an AS number and our own servers, networks, IPS and infrastructure. This shows that we are credible in our industry and have a foot in the vastly expanding door of technology. We also comply with UK data protection act regulations as standard and following these limitations is something we keep at a focal point of everything we do.

We are based in Northamptonshire, in a converted 1890s barn and this is the home of our innovative business. We supply our service to people all over the world and our location does not hinder your ability to get in touch with us. We are all about communication and creating relationships and we hope to not only do this between you and your customers but between ourselves and you.

Our main aim is to make things as easy as possible for you. We want to reduce your levels of stress, frustration and minimise the time spent on your campaign but whilst maximising its effects. We know the importance of keeping in touch with your client base and think this is key to having satisfied customers.

Email Marketing Tips

Getting the feedback and reports on the effectiveness of your campaign also enables you to improve it. If people are not opening the emails, change things up and put a name in the subject box or an eye catching offer that will make them want to read more. If there are few click throughs, then make the links bigger, more obvious and offer opportunities for interaction and money saving.

You can also try sending the relevant emails to select groups of people to approach a more appropriate audience, this could be dependent on the type of work you do together, the products that they purchase or how long they have been a client for.

If your email is sent with a goal, make it specific and make it obvious. This separates it from the usual spam emails people receive on a daily basis and presents a clear call-to-action. Also make sure it is easy for people to conduct the actions you want them to. Popular call-to-actions include free subscriptions, free trials, free guides, filling out forms or feedback or getting in contact.

Providing people with information that they are going to value is important. We always want to know what is in it for us and what we are going to save. If you highlight what people can gain from reading your email in the subject or in the first few lines, they are more likely to be intrigued by this. The subject line is the biggest deciding factor in compelling customers to open the emails so make it good and make it persuasive.

These emails will be subject to spam filters so avoid words that will trigger the filters. Subjects with exclamation marks and capital letters are the most likely to get flagged until they have been marked as not being spam.

To really spread the message, the power of social media is undisputable. Including social media share buttons to your Facebook and twitter is every growingly important and will help to create your brand image. This also opens up opportunity to create new business and engage new clients through your original clients in a networking structure. Sharing on social media exposes thousands of potential clients to your business and what you have to offer.

Making sure that your email is eye-catching is our main advice and our fantastic templates do just this, choosing one and sticking to it creates a strong image. If it does not work as well as expected you are able to change it up and try something different or even try two trial newsletters and see which receives the most positive feedback and produces the best reports.

To conclude, Email Blaster provides you with an all-in-one, simple to use, system, which requires no downloads, installations or experience. We also offer friendly, UK support from our team who know all there is to know about our system.

We want to keep you connected with your old clients, existing clients and connect you to new possible clients to expand your business and improve your revenue. Providing excellent customer service and building relationships goes a long way. Look after your customers and show them you are thinking about them and what exactly you have to offer them in return for their custom. Keeping people in the loop is crucial and makes them feel as though they are progressing alongside you.

All there is left to do is for you to come on board today. You can try it for free today just to see how easy it is. Start designing your newsletters or sign up for you package deal on our website today, the web address is http://www.emailblasteruk.com or if you need more advice, tips or are still unconvinced about the effectiveness of such as incredible system them give us a call on 08452637266 today and we will be more than happy to share with you our passion about what we do and why we do it.

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