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iPad 3 and email marketing

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If you have listened to the news over the last 24 hours, you would have most likely heard about Apple’s new iPad. This is the 3rd generation of the hugely successful tablet.

Apple iPad3

Tablet PC’s are are a rapidly growing market. It has been reported that Apple alone will sell 60 million units this year. With this expanding market, what impact will this have on your email marketing?

We regularly monitor which devices open your emails. Our own internal research has showed that over the last 11 months – the percentage of emails opened on iPad’s have almost doubled. This growth in just under a year raises some questions for email marketeers.

Should you now start optimising your campaigns for use on tablets devices?

While the actual percentage of emails opened on iPads is still relatively low, however this percentage is growing rapidly.

The iPad and other tablets are not just being used by consumers. Businesses are also adopting the new tablet. At EB towers, we are also investing in these new devices. Therefore this suggests that even if your mailings are B2B, this still deserves some attention.

With Amazon’s iPad rival the Kindle Fire soon to be on the scene, we expect this market to grow rapidly over the coming years. The growth of the tablet PC, will change the email marketing industry and how you code and design your emails.

The question is, should you be pro-active and start optimising to tablets such as the iPad today?

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