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‘get social’ with Email Blaster – We are about to launch our social media integration app

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It has been a busy few months here at EB-HQ, since Christmas we have been writing and testing our brand new social media app, which will integrate perfectly with our software.

This one has been on our wish list for a while now and has been a popular feature request with our community using the software. When we launch the new app – you can automatically post a copy of your latest email marketing campaign to your company or personal Facebook wall and you can tweet the usual 140 characters with a link to your latest email newsletter.

You can really increase the spread of your email marketing by coupling it with your social media.  Facebook and Twitter are an excellent way of really getting your message out there.  Over the last 12 months both of these channels have become so much more than just a way of communicating with your friends, they are now a a central part of how people and businesses are choosing to communicate.

So you friends at Email Blaster have made it really easy to sync all of this marketing and control it form one page – hook up our email marketing software to your Facebook and Twitter accounts just once and you are ready to roll.

When you send your campaign – right before you hit the send button, you’ll get a small pop up message asking you to confirm logins to your Facebook and Twitter accounts (see below):

Email Blaster facebook login
Email Blaster Facebook and Twitter login screen

After you have done this, the system will remember your preferences.  You have now connected your Email Blaster account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you are now poised to take your email marketing to the next level!

This means that from now on, your send screen will look slightly different, you will now have a small box (bottom right), where you can type in 140 characters of text – this will be posted to Facebook and Twitter, along with a link to a web version of your email newsletter:

Email Blaster Facebook and Twitter app
Email Blaster Facebook and Twitter post box

Hit the send button and you are done – with our new ‘get social’ app you can take your email marketing to a whole new level.

Launch schedule

We are in the final stages of Beta testing and expect to launch the new app early next week (week ending 1st March 2013).  It will be available to all current accounts, trial accounts and new clients.

Over the next few months we will be adding other social media networks, if anyone has any ideas about which ones we should add, please drop me a mail.

Check the website for the latest news: www.emailblasteruk.com

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