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GDPR compliant opt-in forms

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In just a few clicks, create a GDPR compliant signup form. Today at email blaster we went live with Subscribe. Subscribe is the new app allowing you to quickly and easily create a GDPR subscribe form for your website, blog or any other web app.

What does Subscribe do?

Using our brand new drag and drop builder, with Subscribe you can quickly create any opt-in form, landing page or just a generic contact form for your website.

Subscribe allows you to drag and drop any form element to create that perfect form – from input fields and text areas to tick boxes and more.

To see Subscribe in action, we have put together a few quick demos (we would love to see what you think):

GDPR compliance at the heart

With GDPR just around the corner, organisations of all shapes and sizes are busy auditing their customer data to ensure compliance with the new legislation.

Subscribe focuses around four key areas to help ensure your GDPR compliance:

  1. When using Subscribe (and email blaster), all your private customer and subscriber details are stored in the UK (Milton Keynes). This means that you do not have to bury a message asking permission to store your private data outside the protection of the EU.
  2. GDPR requires  that your subscribers take a positive action to join your mailing list – such as ticking a box to confirm that they want to join. The new Subscribe quickly allows you to add tick box forced fields to ensure compliance.
  3. Proof of consent. After a subscriber has joined your mailing list, under GDPR your company needs to hold proof of consent. As an example, if your subscriber ‘Bob’ contacts you in 12 months time – you need to be able to furnish ‘Bob’ with a copy of how and when he asked to join your list. Subscribe automatically holds details of when any subscriber joined your list – allowing you to quickly fetch the the date, IP and route that the user took to subscribe.
  4. Security. All forms are served using 2048-bit SSL encryption to help ensure data security and reassure your subscribers.

An evolution of form builder

For regular email blaster users, Subscribe is the evolution of our previous offering ‘form builder’. Form builder has served us well for over 5 years and will continue to run in the background for current users. For new users, we are now disabling new installs of ‘form builder’ in favour of the new GDPR compliant subscribe app.

Create beautiful opt-in forms and landing pages

Subscribe offers a complete evolution in our easy to use drag and drop builder technology. The new builder incorporates our brand new interface with near endless customisation options allowing you to create that perfect Subscribe form.

Subscribe also offers the ability to add stunning full screen background images and graphics to your form allowing you to quickly create a stunning opt-in form in minutes.

Quickly find out more over here:

Free opt-in forms

To help your company get up and running quickly, Subscribe is a completely free app. You can quickly build a GDPR opt-in form on both a pay as you go account or standard account absolutely free.

To create your GDPR opt-in form simply head over to the apps section of your email blaster (open the main menu and click on apps), then install the Subscribe app for free. We can’t wait to see what you think of Subscribe.

Not yet an email blaster user? We would love for you to let email blaster securely power your email marketing. Quickly open a free account to get up and running in no time.

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