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Free HTML Newsletter Templates for Email Marketing


Email Marketing offers a powerful and effective way of communicating in bulk with customers and contacts. As a means of communication, email marketing comes into its own when the requirement is to broadcast newsletters, regular updates of activities and, of course, regular offers of goods and services to existing or potential customers.

The quality of email content is a paramount factor in the effectiveness of email marketing bulk transmissions. Recipients are much more likely to respond positively to attractive, well presented emails that load quickly and read easily. Essentially, what is being received is more than an assembly of words and pictures, it is a shop window on the originating organisation much the same as a website is.

Market leading email marketing companies offer free HTML newsletter templates to users that  enable high quality graphics and layouts to be achieved with very little prior web-design or general software and coding experience. Email Blaster UK has recently announced an expanded library of free HTML newsletter templates with more additions being added all the time. Email Blaster UK regard the quality and range of its library of free HTML newsletter templates as a key differentiator between its email marketing software and competitor products, particularly in the email marketing UK market.

What is an HTML Newsletter Template?

Firstly, although referred to as newsletter templates, these libraries of templates encompass layouts and formats for a wide range of applications well beyond newsletter formats.  General communications, announcements, magazines and advertisements of goods and services are all catered for and it is more of a generic market definition to refer to this area of technology as HTML newsletter template design.  Within the specialist world of email marketing system design, newsletter template design has taken on more and more importance in the differentiation of systems available to the user. The use of a template enables the user to employ the layout of text and graphics already designed and to simply drag and drop text and graphics into the pre-arranged slots in the template. Typically, pictures and graphics will be sized and coded to the appropriate level of pixel density. Text, within a range, will be sized to the space provided. Logo’s, straplines etc. are all accommodated at the discretion of the user.  The range of HTML newsletter templates offered is a critical factor in selecting the email marketing service provider. Email Blaster UK offer a huger range of newsletter templates within a complete range of possibilities of application.

What lies under the surface of  HTML Newsletter Templates?

There are a number of difficulties to overcome in producing a workable graphic and text layout design for email bulk broadcasting.

  • Quality of appearance and visual attractiveness – A sound base in graphic design and general advertising presentation skills is important, if not essential in order to first produce a layout that works visually.
  • File size –  A huge amount of coding development work has been undertaken by email marketing service suppliers such as Email Blaster UK in order to produce libraries of high quality templates with the minimum lines of code. The code to text ratio is the key determinant and many man years of effort have been expended by software engineers at Email Blaster UK in order to achieve a library of HTML newsletter templates that meet the criterion of minimise code to text with a high quality outcome. Large file size means lengthy transmission and loading times at best and complete transmission failure at worst if firewalls or email filters reject large files. Put simply, we do the smart coding beneath the surface that pretty well guarantees efficient transmission so that you don’t have to.
  • Email newsletter template compatibility with all email readers– a perfectly composed and configured layout that produces a good result when received via one email reader – Outlook for example, will likely produce a poor result when transposed and presented via another – Thunderbird say. Include Apple Mail in the mix and the result is likely to be an unreadable mish-mash. The plain fact is that, without a clear understanding of the processes of transposition within an email reader, an email marketing bulk email that has been constructed to present on one will almost certainly not present on another. Email marketing developers such as Email Blaster UK have the software coding skills to unravel this complex set of algorithms in order to produce layout coding that adapts to configure correctly with all of the main email reader packages, from Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook. Using an HTML newsletter template from the Email Blaster UK library for example, enables the user to benefit from all of the man-years of coding development behind the template in order to ensure that what you sent is what’s received. And, of course, where HTML format cannot be delivered because of on-site limitations at the recipient, plain text versions are automatically delivered.
    • Microsoft Outlook – an additional complication with Microsoft’s latest release at version 2010 is that the rendering engine from Microsoft Word is employed. This means that features that are routinely enabled in web browsers will not render correctly, or indeed at all, when transposed via Outlook 2010. This issue alone, has require a significant level of coding development to overcome. Since its release in 2010, the uptake of this release has increased significantly.  Email Blaster UK has recoded its entire library of HTML newsletter templates to ensure full compatibility with Outlook 2010 as well as retaining all of the existing range of compatibilities.
    • Tablets and hand held devices – again the particular intricacies of the rendering of emails within these devices is challenging and probably well beyond the capability of emailers who do not possess the necessary coding skills. Email Marketing service providers such as Email Blaster UK have done the work, the templates meet these requirements. Again so you don’t have to.

In summary.  

Email marketing of bulk email broadcasts requires a sophisticated level of coding skills if a professional, high quality ‘mini-website’ presentation is required. The use of HTML newsletter templates enables this to be achieved without these necessary coding skills. Email marketing companies such as Email Blaster UK offer comprehensive libraries of HTML newsletter templates that enable users to quickly and easily achieve high quality emails, compatible with nearly all email readers.


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