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New and improved newsletter signup system

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Over the last few weeks our development team have been working hard developing the new newsletter signup system for EBUK.

We are very pleased to announce that the new system is now live!

How will this help me?

Generating a great quality mailing list is key to establishing a successful email marketing campaign.

Via the newsletter signup wizard, your website visitors can add themselves to your Email Blaster UK mailing lists. New subscribers are automatically added to a mailing list of your choice. The fully automated solution takes the hassle away from managing your email subscribers.

What is new?

Within the new system we have created two signup methods:

> Embedded newsletter signup
Use the online designer to create a newsletter signup block to place on your website. The forms are highly customisable to match almost any website layout.

The online designer will automatically generate the newsletter signup HTML code for your website. We have designed the system so that you don’t need to get your hands dirty writing lines of code yourself. The online designer will write your website code, simply copy and paste it to your site.

The new embedded system includes anti-spam measures to help prevent automated submissions and features double opt-in authentication.

> Hosted newsletter signup
If you are a little stuck copying and pasting the HTML code to your website, we have also included the hosted option. Design your newsletter signup form online, this is stored on our servers – the wizard will provide you with a link to access your unique signup form. This option offers less customisation, however is perfect for beginners.

How can i create my form?

To start designing your newsletter signup form, simply click on ‘Tools > Mailing list signup”.

We will shortly be adding a link to to the designer from the mailing list view screen.

If you are not yet part of the Email Blaster UK family, here is a screen of what you are missing:

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