Say goodbye to those double entries in your database. It is impossible to avoid adding duplicates to a large database. If your database contains multiple duplicate addresses, you run the risk of sending an email twice or your email not reaching the inbox at all. If you have taken time to populate a clean opt-in subscriber list, the last thing you want is to tarnish it with lots of double entries. The spam filter at most companies won’t let double sends through and your sender reputation will be put at risk.

But, fear not, the List Doctor can provide a solution to this common problem. The team at Email Blaster UK (these guys never go on holiday you know), have developed a de-duping function that will scan your database and delete the duplicates leaving you with a clean list.  The scan can be activated after uploading a list and takes seconds to complete.  A report is generated to provide information on the number of duplicates and the remaining number of subscribers in that particular list.

The List Doctor has been developed to ensure optimum delivery rates are achieved every send.  Managing multiple databases just got easier.