Getting the design right for your email template can be a challenge. Email marketing template design is very different to web or traditional print creative. The objective is to drive clients away from the email as soon as they have opened it so it needs to be snappy.

The subject line is the reason why your email gets opened so don’t lose the interest by failing to live up to your enticing offer.

Here is a pick of the templates we have sent out recently on behalf of clients. I think they represent their products and services really well and provide the recipient with a good mix of strong content and images.

This first template demonstrates the need to meet with the expectations of your subscribers. The design is reflective of the brand image of the company and offers lots of options to make contact as well as links to social networking sites used extensively in this market.

Email marketing template

This next email marketing template gets straight to the point. It has a strong banner with a call to action driving the subscriber to book. The full details of forthcoming events and other information follows. This is a good example of an email that delivers a punch in the first half.

Email marketing template 2

The key thing to remember when designing an email marketing template is that you don’t have very long to get your point across. The subject line will get the email opened whilst the top half of the email has to work hard to encourage that all important click through.

The two templates seen here both focus on getting click throughs within the top half of the email. They understand their market and drive subscribers to the areas that will benefit them the most. Each market will respond in a different way so test your creative before you send your whole campaign.

For more tips and ideas on template design visit our knowledge base. To have a template designed by our extremely talented design team email us or call 0845 263 7266.