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Our new email delivery system is now being rolled out

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If you are a regular visitor to our blog, you will have probably seen several mentions over the last few weeks regarding our new email delivery system for the Email Blaster UK email marketing platform.

We are very pleased to announce that our new delivery system has successfully passed BETA testing and is now being rolled out across the network.

What is new?

We have completely re-written the software which handles and delivers your emails. Every line of code is brand new and offers significant improvements.

1. More Lightweight
Our new email delivery software is much more lightweight than the previous release. This means that it has a much smaller overhead on our servers. Because it is more lightweight, we can now process your campaigns at a much faster rate – helping to avoid queue’s on shared email gateways and helping to ensure that your campaigns are delivered when you want.

2. Improved Delivery
We have made several large developments to the platform to help your emails reach the inbox.

3. No SPF required
As part of our quest to make email marketing available to everyone, not just IT geeks. Setting your own send from address no longer requires a SPF record to be added to your websites DNS server. We have removed the hassle and taken care of this for you our end. You can now safely change your send from address without risk of decreasing delivery.

4. Security
We have also added a wide range of new security systems to help protect you and your data.

When will it be live?

As announced, we are currently in the process of making our new delivery system live across the EB network for all our email marketing customers. Due to the size of our network, its going to take us a little while to roll out the new platform to everybody.

As we speak, our techies are currently in the process of installing the new delivery system on all gateways. At the time of writing this post, we have rolled out the new send system to 1/3 of the network.

We are expecting the upgrade to be completed by the end of January 2012.

Please feel free to drop us an eMessage from inside your EB account if you would like to know the status on your email server upgrade.

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