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Email Marketing: Campaigns Management

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Check out the new interface for your  ‘View Campaigns’ management area:

The new look campaign management section has been re-designed to help improve ease of use and accessibility to some of the great features inside your email marketing account.

New features inside your campaigns area:

  • The campaigns management screen is now split into two areas; sent campaigns and unsent campaigns. You can easily hop between the two areas to edit and view data related to your marketing activities.
  • Unique identification numbers have now been added next to each campaign. Helping you to easily keep track of multiple campaigns which may have the same subject/campaign name.
  • Sent campaigns, view stats more easily. After sending your campaign you can now access its delivery report directly rather than going via the stats centre.
  • Easier Navigation. We have introduced new quick links next to each campaign listing. Quickly and easily access related tools associated with each campaign – Spam check, test send and more!
  • Test Send. Before sending your campaign to the big wide world, use our new test send system. Instantly send a preview of your campaign to yourself or a seed list of your choice. Does not consume your email credits.

On behalf of the development team at EB, i hope that you enjoy using the new campaigns management area.

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