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Some cool stuff coming your way…

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It’s been quite a busy time at email blaster HQ for the past few months. We’ve been working on ‘automate’ and we are nearly ready to roll it out now.

What is ‘automate’?

Automate means that you can design dynamic email marketing campaigns that react to how your recipients are engaging with what you are sending. Automate will allow you to create different paths for your recipients to progress via.

You can create a whole work flow of decision based email templates. Using drag and drop you can quickly and easily create completely bespoke dynamic email marketing.

How will ‘automate’ help?

Automate will give you a huge range of tools to really help maximise both engagement and conversion rates.

Automate will do all of the intensive tasks of going through the results of every campaign, then creating new results based lists and then sending new campaigns. Everything is created by automate quickly and easily. Every contact is then sent the next campaign at timed intervals – you can select different campaigns based on the different choices that each recipient made when engaging with your mailer.

Who is ‘automate’ for?

Automate is perfect for anyone that wants to save time, from one man bands through to large marketing departments, automate will do all of the heavy lifting for you. It means that you can easily create long chains of decision based email marketing – and automate will do everything for you.

When is it available?

We are in the final stages of testing and it’s pretty much ready to roll now. So, we expect to be launching it to the network in the next month.

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