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Benefits of Email Marketing

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Email marketing has grown significantly in popularity with businesses wishing to develop a more reciprocal relationship with their clients and grow new business opportunities. If you are still not convinced by this medium, take a look at the many benefits email marketing can bring to your business:

Upselling opportunities

It is much easier to sell to existing customers than to develop new ones, so use email marketing to communicate your latest offers and new products. With a well designed template and clean database of clients, you can send regular notes to your clients reminding them that you offer a wide range of products and services that they may not even be aware of.

Build a mailing list

Every business needs a good list of prospects and these can be gathered using your web site. Once you have built up a list of potential clients, they can be emailed to (if they have given their permission) and start becoming purchasers. By keeping in touch with people that have enquired through your website, you can develop regular dialogue with them, resulting in eventual sales. Set up your email marketing campaign today.

It’s cheap!

Let’s face it in these tough financial times we all need a more cost effective way to market. Email marketing can fill that gap, if carried out using a good up to date fully opted in list and a great looking template. Email your database with great offers and helpful tips and ideas and you will reap the rewards. Use a hosted system to send your emails and you can track who has opened your email and how many clicked through to your website or landing page.

It’s fast!

Email marketing is a quick way to reach out to new clients. Direct mail campaigns take much longer to plan and execute and the response time is much longer. With an email you can get straight in front of the person you want to target with your latest offers instantly. If your recipients have asked to receive your email communications, you will have their full attention on the day you want them to read it which can make all the difference when it comes to response.

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