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Automate reactions … and what’s next?

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It’s been a busy time at email blaster over the last month or so. A few weeks ago we went live with Automate, this was our biggest ever project  – so far it has been a great success, i’m certainly very pleased with how Automate is bedding into the email blaster ecosystem.

With any big new project, on go live day, from a development perspective, you always get a little bit nervous – have i covered all the angles? Have we bug tested it enough? and most importantly, will it do what is expected of it? So far, we seem to have ticked all the boxes. Feedback from the community has been great. But from a personal perspective, it has really helped us.

Prior to automate, a few members of the team were taking the time to email every new user and find out how they are getting on – this was turning into a very labour intensive job. With Automate, we have fully automated this process. Every new email blaster user is sent a series of automation emails asking how they are getting on – so regardless of the benefits to the email blaster user based, Automate has really helped us.

As time progresses and Automate matures, i cant wait to see what it can do for both our own customer relations and for email blaster users communicating with their own subscribers.

On to the next one…

As soon as Automate went live, my thoughts moved onto the next project – this one is a little more time sensitive. With GDPR going live on the 25th May 2018, we decided it was time to overhaul form builder – this enables you to quickly build a newsletter subscribe block for your website / blog. Form builder has served us really well, while it is completely GDPR compliant, we thought it was starting to look a little tired.

After a few discussions, we have decided that we will soon retire form builder (don’t worry if you are currently using it to power your subscribe form, everything will remain live and functioning). When creating a new form, going forward this will be powered by our new app, named ‘subscribe’.

We made the decision that phasing form builder out in favour of subscribe was the best option. If we were to simply upgrade form builder, backwards compatibility with the older system would be too much of a burden. By developing the fresh new subscribe app, this opens the door to do everything we want to achieve with no restrictions.

Subscribe in concept will make the same offering – being able to quickly design a newsletter subscribe form which you can use on your website or blog. Subscribe will however offer a fresh new look and feel – much more modern looking forms, an easier to use builder plus a lot more.

We have also been listening to feedback from our community, asking what everyone would like to see with the new app. This has given us some really exciting ideas.

I started work on Subscribe about a week ago, so far everything is going well and i am pleased with the progress. The interface is looking pretty slick and is showing the signs of being a really great tool – which is perfect for GDPR compliance.

Ok, thats probably enough for today. Watch this space for further updates on Subscribe!

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