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Automate, our progress.

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My co-worker Jamie made a post earlier today announcing the pending release of automate. This is a project at email blaster that has everyone pretty excited and for good reason.

The automate project was an idea first conceived over a year ago with development officially starting in Q3 2017.  This is a project which i have been very proud to take the lead on, over the last few months it is certainly pushed us all in terms of technical requirements and problem solving – but at the same time has been great fun working on.

As a little introduction, automate aims to ‘do what it says on the tin’ and that is help automate your digital marketing. Automate let’s you build your own ‘flow digram’ style chain of events with your own custom trigger point. So in a nutshell, when a user subscribes to your email newsletter, they can be sent a series of emails to your own specification. That is automate in its most simplistic terms, but it goes far far beyond this in terms of scope and what it can achieve.

At this moment in time, we are in the final stages of development. I am currently waiting to be blessed to with inspiration with a suitable solution to a challenge, so thought it a good moment to head over to the blog. Time scale wise, i am hoping that we will be finished with all major coding work within the next week – which will be absolutely amazing, as it has been a very long (but fun road). When it comes to an expected release, we are hoping to go live with a BETA by the end of the month.

Over the next few days i am hoping to make a few more posts blabbing about automate with a few more specifics. The interface i hope will blow you away, it certainly gets us excited.

Catchup soon.

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