In this weeks video, we discuss our 4 simple steps to successful email marketing.

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1. Create a series of mailers.

Email marketing is about designing a funnel. You should design a series of mailers with a clear goal at the end. At first you may simply give an introduction to your business, next you may hit the user with some targeted information. We would also advise that you let your recipient know how frequently you are going to email them.

Remember when designing your email, provide the user with something they wish to see. Simply hitting the user with your sales message will not work. Email marketing is about an information exchange.


2. A good quality mailing list

Never be tempted to pad out your mailing list with purchased contacts. You will be doing more harm than good. Source your email addresses properly. A few hundred well qualified recipients will perform better than 10,000 purchased email contacts. Email marketing is about quality, not quantity.


3. Split testing.

Try dividing your email database into different segments. Send each email segment a different variation of your mailer. This is a great way to find out recipient interest. Each database segment could have a different subject line – how does this affect your open rate? You would also try making a bold statement.

We also suggest that different splits should be sent at different times. You can then accurately work out the best time to send for your industry. You may find your best time to send will be different from the standard tuesday!


4. Follow up your mailer

Sending your mailer and waiting for the phone to ring, that is lazy marketing. Split up your recipients on how they reacted to your mailer. Users who clicked, give them a call and ask if you can help? Users who did not open, maybe you should consider hitting them with a alternative message to find out what works?