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email marketing feedback – improve your results.

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email marketing feedback

Use your email marketing feedback to improve your marketing results. 

Nowadays, pretty much all of us purchase online regularly.  In recent years shoppers have  become more and more accustomed to reading reviews and feedback from real customers before making a purchase.

This feedback from customers offers the seller chance to offer a focused form of marketing by acting on these customer comments.

So, how can we apply this to our email marketing? – if people like it, they are more likely to buy from you.

In the video above we cover the following points:

  1. Offer a discount code in return for viewers clicking on a link taking them to a brief online feedback form.
  2. Send a mailer to a small section of your database asking them to reply, rating what you’ve previously sent in terms of relevance and content.
  3. Ask your recipients if email is their preferred method of contact
  4. Ask if your recipients’ have a preferred time to receive your mailer – during work hours or free time?
  5. Always include a clickthrough link to your customer testimonials page on your website.
  6. Ask your viewers how often they would like to be sent your email marketing newsletters.
  7. Ask them to rank in importance the following when purchasing: Price, customer service, product information.

By using some of these approaches and subject areas you’ll get a really good understanding of how and when to advertise to your target audience through email marketing.

You’ll get a clear focus and ultimately this means more click thought and more sales.

Now that you know the best ways to make your email marketing effective, why not try email blaster for free.email blaster for free. Why not open an account today and see how working with someone such as ourselves can really have a massive affect on the success of your marketing.

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