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Are you sending a company Christmas E-card?

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We have been sold to pretty heavily recently. Black Friday turned into black Friday week. Some companies seem to be running it even longer.

Thats not forgetting cyber Monday and other Christmas sales. At this time of the year, you may be guilty of developing blinkers and stop paying attention to all these endless sales.

So, have you considered something a little different?

Break the mould. don’t just sell to your customers. Do something to make them feel special. Its supposed to be the season for giving, not endless black Friday and black Friday week and black Friday month sales.

Consider sending a company Christmas E-card. No sales message, no offer. Just a quick thank you to your customers for their continued support this year, and that you look forward to working with them next year.

company Christmas E-card

You could even get your staff together in the best Christmas jumpers.As consumers we love to see the face behind the company. It makes a company feel human, and that it is not just run by robots. Making it feel human, well that helps to increase brand loyalty.

Does a company Christmas E-card really work?

Here is a great example:

This week I received a Christmas card from health span. They did exactly this. Just thanked me for my custom and wished me the best for Christmas and 2016.

But they went a little further. In the Christmas card, they said that I was their favourite customer. Not for a second do I really believe that I am their favourite customer, they probably sent the same message out thousands upon thousands of times to their customers.

But that christmas card, with that message worked. Its gave me the impression that they care, and best of all, it brought their brand to the forefront of my mind. What did I do that evening, I placed an order with them.

That Christmas card is what i would call ‘a trojan horse’ sales strategy. It was not selling to me. But I couldn’t forget it. It brought their brand to the front of my mind and I made a purchase.

Why this is important to you?

In this festive season, Consider sending your customers a nicely worded company Christmas E-card. To help you get up and running, we have a fab company Christmas E-card selection ready to use inside your email blaster. From reindeers to Santa’s, we got it covered.

If you are an email blaster user. Click on campaigns > create and select stock gallery. Scroll down until you see our fab christmas cards.

If you are not a email blaster users, click the link below to get up and running. Our Christmas cards are free to use – its the time for giving after all.

open an account>

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