When is the best day of the week to send your email newsletter?

Every client I talk to has been told the same thing – ‘Tuesday is the best day to send your email newsletter’. In this week’s Bitesize marking video I discuss the notion that this is dated thinking.

Because everyone is told and sends their email marketing on a Tuesday, this means that there is far too much competition inside your recipients inbox. At email blaster, every Tuesday, we see a massive spike in our network.

Inside this weeks video I argue that Friday is the new Tuesday. Consider this… It is almost the weekend, we are starting to wind down, and lets admit it, skive off work a little! We start browsing the internet and our email inbox. This is a great time to hit your customer with your mailer. We don’t want to be sending your email newsletter when your recipient is too busy to read it. We want to send it when your users have time on their hands, time to read your mailer.

Give friday a go and let us know how you get on. Friday, the new Tuesday for email marketing.