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What is the expected delivery time for HTML emails

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Most users of email marketing will notice that sometimes a email newsletter will reach its recipient instantly, while other times it may take a few hours. The speed at which your campaigns will arrive depends on several factors.

Volume of your email marketing campaign

The amount of email newsletters you send in each batch will affect the processing speed. During peak traffic times if you are sending a large volume of emails the email server may queue your campaign. However at Email Blaster this is fairly unlikely, we actively monitor traffic at each email gateway – in addition to this you can track your sending progress in real time via the “email queue page”.

Recipients email server

One of the major factors which impact on how quickly your campaign will arrive depends on the your recipients email server. If the recipient’s email server is very busy, your email newsletter may be added to a queue – therefore you may experience a delay with your HTML newsletter arrival.

If you recipient is using a free email service provider, chances are that the email server will normally be quite busy – so you may run into a queue. Most of our customers tend to send to private corporate email servers, these are typically monitored much more closely – so you may be less likely to run into a delay.

Many ISP’s have their own set of rules which will affect your email newsletters – for example, how many incoming connections are accepted at one. If you attempt to many too many connections to a single email server, chances are that your email will bounce. This is not a huge worry however, as many bulk email service providers call upon Mail Transfer Agents (MTA’s) whose task it is to arrange the sending of your campaign.

Size of your email

When you are sending a great looking HTML formatted email newsletter, the file size of your email is likely to be much larger than a standard plain text email. Your HTML email will contain many lines of code which will control the layout of your email. Therefore when you are choosing to send a HTML email newsletter, this can take a little longer to process than a normal plain text email. However at Email Blaster, we use a 1 gigabit network – this means that our servers can communicate with each-other and the outside world much faster therefore you are not likely to notice a delay when sending a HTML based email newsletter as apposed to a standard plain text version.


In summary, how quickly your HTML email newsletter will arrive depends on a great deal of factors, some are completely out of your control  – however the ones which are in your control at Email Blaster we automatically manage and provide the best possible platform for you.

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