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We clean your email databases so you don’t have to

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One of the most common problems when importing a new email database can be the quality of the list.

If you have built your mailing list via a signup form on your website, if you signup form does not contain any anti spam measures this can result in many false entries. For example a spam bot may have decided to spam your signup form with adverts.

In addition to this, we sometimes find any if the email list was compiled by hand the actual database may contain typo’s. For example, info@ is typed at ino@. Also, when typing by hand, some people can miss off the domain TLD i.e. .com. Missing off the TLD may mean that the email address will just read bob.smith@bob.

Typo’s and fake entries in your email list can have large negative implications. If you constantly try to send a message to an email server with the address wrong, this could lead to your account getting blacklisted. In addition to this, typo’s in your email address will mean that your bounce rate will be higher.

Did you know…

Every time that you request a database import. Unlike a member of staff from Email Blaster will manually scan your database. Majority of false entries will be removed. We will help you clean your database to ensure that you have a nice clean list ready to send!

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