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Upgrading the upgrade store

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Just putting the finishing touches to our new upgrade store, and pretty much ready to go. Hoping it will work well and already thinking about how to start the next task.

Looking at going live today and looking forward to seeing what impact it will have with our customers. We put a lot of thought into how to layout this new page as it turned out to be lot more complicated then we imagined.

Outside of work I have been working hard on getting through some of the sit-com classics. Recently finished Cheers and Spaced and already making good pace with Frasier. Brining these up have brought up some good discussions in the office.

Drop any suggestions for shows to watch if you have any?

Work looks like it’s going to busy for the next few months, especially with some law changes coming into effect. It will be interesting to see what effect GDPR will have going forward for all companies.

Until May we won’t know for sure but lets wait and see.

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