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Tips to boost your email deliverability

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With Email Blaster UK you can easily send out thousands of emails. However rather than simply harvesting as many email addresses as possible, there are several steps which you can take to help improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns:

  • Quality of mailing lists
    Buying a mailing list can offer you a good quick fix to help market your product/service to the world. However, if possible we recommend collecting email contacts yourself.
    A good way to collect your own email addresses is to ask your website visitors to join your mailing list to receive your latest offers. A simple ‘join newsletter’ box on your website can be a great way to generate targeted email addresses. The main advantage of using this method is that the visitor is already aware of your brand, therefore is much less likely to mark your campaigns as spam.

  • Regular mailings
    Once you have built up your mailing list, you should email all your contacts at regular intervals. If you have long gaps i.e. months, between your email campaigns, the client may have forgotten your brand. Therefore when you do send your next campaign because they no longer remember you, they could consider this email unsolicited and therefore classed as spam.

  • Create a reason for your email to be opened
    Dont overlook the subject line of your email campaign. You should give careful thought to the subject line of your campaigns and develop one which will grab your clients attention and make them want to read your email. A short punchy inviting subject line is nearly as important as your email body.

  • Dont be too salesy!
    You may have a lot of great offers which you want to tell the world about, however don’t be too salesy. Modern anti spam filters will scan your email message as soon as it arrives at the recipients mail server. If the email is deemed to contain too many common spam keywords (such as; cheap, free etc) your email will either get rejected by the recipients mail server, or simply enter their junk mail filters.

  • Dont say everything in your email campaign
    The main target of most email marketing campaigns is that you want the client to read the email and visit your website. Give your clients a reason to visit your website. Don’t list everything in your email body. Your email body should contain a taster of what you want to say, it should invite the client to visit your website for more information on your latest offer.

These are a few steps which you can take to help increase the success of your email marketing campaigns. Please feel free to leave comments and share your experiences and tips with the Email Blaster UK community!

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