When you send you next email marketing campaign it is always tempting to insert many great looking images. If you are handy in Photoshop you may be tempted to use a image heavy email newsletter campaign, as this will help you to produce the most aesthetically pleasing email campaign.

If you normally produce image heavy email campaigns, you may wish to consider this –   many email browsers stop images loading by default (Microsoft Outlook & Thunderbird included). This means that if your email newsletter rely on images to display the message of your campaign, if the recipients email browser is blocking images showing by default, you message may fail to be conveyed. A email campaign made up of one large image, may simply show as the following (if images are blocked):

Email Newsletter – using images. What should i do?

Should i not use images on my email campaign?

No, images in your email campaign can help produce a great looking design that will help to get noticed. Do not stop using them. When designing your next campaign, use images – however ensure that your campaign will still convey your message without your images showing i.e. use of standard text. With this in mind you can have the best of both worlds.