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The Official Google Chrome Email Blaster UK App!

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Are you among the 40% of Email Blaster users who use Google Chrome web browser?

We have today launched the official Email Blaster App for Google Chrome, now featuring in the Chrome App store.

Email Blaster Google Chrome App

The official EBUK app is free and will auto install in one click. After installing the App, the EB icon will appear inside your Chrome Apps listing area. Clicking on the icon will quickly launch and login to your EBUK account.

The EBUK Google Chrome Store Listing:

Email Marketing Google Chrome App

Simply click on the ‘Add To Chrome’ button to install the official application.

If you are not a Google Chrome user, we recommend checking out the free internet browser Рit is faster than FireFox and offers increased security over Internet Explorer. Your Email Blaster account also looks fantastic in the browser.

Check out the App and Chrome:

> Download the free official Email Blaster UK App

> Download Google Chrome

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