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The Email Blaster Cloud – clear as day!

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At Email Blaster, our software lives on a secure server which is based online, this is termed as a ‘cloud’, meaning that everything you need in order to co-ordinate your marketing can be accessed securely online.

A cloud based system offers fantastic flexibility, meaning that that your entire marketing suite is portable and can be accessed at any time from any location.  This is great for businesses that need to react quickly to fast moving markets or stock offers, even if you are out of the country on business, you can set up a new campaign, send to your subscribers and view the results.

The cloud also gives you access to your own stored templates and our large library of professionally designed templates.  This means you get access anywhere you need it to a library of great looking designs, without having to take the design team with you and settle their bar bill!

As the Email Blaster system is completely self contained, you don’t need to clutter up your own network or computer with third party software.  When you open a new email marketing account with us, your details are beamed to the cloud straight away and your account is live to import your subscribers and start using the system.

Design your campaign, select your list and hit send – the cloud sends a remote command to the mail servers at EBHQ to start sending.  Our servers are U.K based, so if you are sending to U.K addresses then we are geared for peak deliverbility.  Using our online access you can set up your campaign from any geographic location.

As well as having access to the ultimate marketing package 24/7 from any location, you also have the added peace of mind that all of this lives within a very secure environment.  Our EB Cloud floats with an encryption controlled location so everything sits nice and cosy behind a big wall.

Why not try email marketing with our system, we think it is rather good.

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