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Successful delivery of email campaigns

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No email service provider will be able to offer 100% deliverability of your email. However to help boost your email marketing deliverability and open rate there are several steps which you can take.

Clicks to improve your reputation

When sending your next email campaign, give your recipients a reason to click on a link inside your email. If more recipients click on links inside your email campaign, the greater reputation you will receive with the email service provider. This will have positive affects on future email campaigns in terms of how many emails slip into a spam filter.

Emails reported as spam will harm your reputation

If a client opens your email then clicks on the ‘report as spam’ button inside their email client, this will affect the deliverability of your future email campaigns. A large proportion of recipients reporting your email as spam will harm your reputation as a email marketeer.

Targeted marketing – The golden rule to stop a recipient marketing your email as spam. If a client is interested in your product or service they are less likely to mark it as spam. Buying a cheap email list and blitzing this list with product and services the recipient has no interest in will negatively affect your future campaigns.

Soft & hard bounces

If you keep emailing a recipient and each time it returns in a soft or hard bounce, this is a sure way of getting your account blacklisted with many email hosts. When you are sending thousands of emails, it can be very time consuming to ensure you eliminate any hard or soft bounces from future campaigns.

Dont worry … At Email Blaster, our system automatically cleanses your lists of hard bounces and any soft bounces that occur over 3 times. Other email marketing service providers may not offer this service, therefore this would result in negative imprecations for future campaigns.

Auto Unsubscribes

Allowing recipients to unsubscribe from your email campaigns is law, its something which you must provide. If you allow recipients to automatically unsubscribe from your email list this may prevent them reporting it as spam.

Also, many email host spam filters will check your email to ensure that it includes a auto unsubscribe link. If you do not include one, the chances that your campaign will get marked as spam will increase.

SPF record

When you send a email campaign, the recipients email server will often run a lookup on the domain name which your email campaign appears to come from


if you send campaigns from sales@mysite.co.uk. The recipient email server will often run a DNS lookup on mysite.co.uk domain name. The purpose of this lookup will be to check if the email server you used is authorised to send emails for mysite.co.uk domain name.

To tell the recipients email server that mysite.co.uk this email is legit and not a spoof, we add a SPF record to your domain name settings. This is a simple line of text that sits behind the scenes authorising this.  – Dont worry, Email Blaster will automatically generate you are SPF record if it detects you are using your own email address to send email campaigns.

Email server IP

When you send an email campaign through Email Blaster or any other platform, each email will contain the IP of the email server which you used. The IP is a unique address to identify the server to the world. You will share an email server with several other users, if one user on your server starts sending spam and is blacklisted, this will affect you!

The solution is to obtain your own email gateway and dedicated IP address. This will ensure that you and only you control how your emails are received, and wont be impacted by other people as you are not sharing any resources! – At Email Blaster we offer a dedicated email gateway and IP address as an optional upgrade, we do all the hard work and set this up for you.

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