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Score your email campaign before sending

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We are very pleased to announce Spam Ferret – Coming soon to Email Blaster UK.

This new add-on will score your email newsletter before broadcasting your email marketing campaign. After scoring your campaign you will presented with a likely success score.

What is Spam Ferret?

When it comes to email marketing, achieving the desired delivery, open and click rates is not always a simple task. When your email campaign reaches the recipient email server, it is often scored by their spam filter. The score your campaign achieves with the recipients email server will determine if you email is delivered to the inbox, placed in the junk folder or rejected.

Before sending your email campaign Spam Ferret will rate your campaign before sending. The coming soon add-on will run over 1000 checks on your email campaign to determine its likely success.

After running its checks, you will be presented with a detailed report and a score for your email campaign. The detailed report will point out any possible areas for improvement to help boost your email marketing success.

The engine behind Spam Ferret will check;

  • email campaign subject line, length and for common spam words
  • Email body, spam words, code text ratio, image checker, clean code check
  • Email body plain text alternative
  • SPF records

and much more.

Will Spam Ferret benefit us?

If you are new to the world of email marketing, there is a huge amount of information to take in  i.e. what are the best practices, are these things i should avoid?

As an email marketeer, you may not have to time to buy and read a huge book about how to build a successful email marketing campaign. Due to this, we have developed Spam Ferret.

This new add-on will aim do all the hard work for you.  The principle behind spam ferret is to automatically scan your campaign, analysing it – presenting you will an easy to read and easy to follow suggestion list.

When can i use Spam Ferret for my email marketing?

Over the last few months we have been working hard developing the logic engine behind Spam Ferret. This new add-on has been written from the ground up 100% in-house.  We are currently BETA testing this add-on with a view to release at the end of March.

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