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It’s all about a quality email database

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Email marketing is a great cost effective way to communicate your message. The success of your email marketing is greatly dependant on the quality of your list.

One of the most common misconceptions is that you can quickly harvest or buy a list and expect great results. A successful email marketing campaign cannot be achieved overnight. One of the most important factors is building a quality mailing list.

If you have purchased or obtained a cheap large volume email list, you may quickly find that you are being reported for spamming or will result in a poor reputation as an email marketeer.

In order build a successful email marketing campaign, one of the fundamentalĀ building blocks is to build your own opt-in mailing list. From our own experience, we find that customers who use their own opt-in mailing list can achieve deliverability rates of near 100%. When comparing this to using a cheap large volume email list, we often find that deliverability and open rates can be as low as 20% (with plenty of spam complaints!).

When you are building your next email marketing campaign, remember its all about building your own quality opt-in mailing list. Building your own list will ALWAYS achieve better results.

If you need help building your own mailing list, why not checkout our ‘website signup form’ inside the Email Blaster portal. With the signup form you can easily design your own newsletter signup box for your website visitors which you can add to your own website. The signup box wizard will write all the fancy code for you, you!

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