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Pricing – affordable email marketing with Email Blaster UK

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Pricing with Email Blaster.

Hi, Phil from Email Blaster here to let you know about our pricing.

Email marketing has become an important area of marketing for many companies. This is due to the fact it is by far the most affordable way of marketing to your customers, Therefore, it is key for us to make sure that our pricing is on point.

Our monthly prices start at just £12.99 for 2,000 email sends. This also includes all apps and features. Analytics, Campaign automation, List builder and user Insight are all free of charge.

To see more on our pricing, please see our video below:

If you want to test out the software before you make the investment, then feel free to open a free account and try out the software. Subsequently, if you are looking to go down the pay as you go route, then see our pay as you go prices.

If you wish to see our prices page please click the link: see prices page

We pride ourselves on providing an affordable email marketing service that is easy to use and therefore opens the door to great opportunities.

What features do we provide?

For those of you wondering what features you get for your money, please see the video below:

Email Blaster provides many important and useful features, for instance, List cleaning. List cleaning is an important tool for anyone. No matter how good your opt-in process is, overtime your list of customers can become polluted if it is not regularly cleaned.

Subsequently, we also provide automatic unsubscribes removal as well as bounce removal. This will help to make sure you don’t accidentally send to anyone who should no longer be on your list.

In addition, we have recently launched our brand new Insight user and abandoned basket tracker. This allows you to track your user’s journey once they have clicked on your link inside your campaign. Moreover, you can also see if these users bought anything from your website or if they abandoned their purchase.

To see what other great features Email Blaster has, please click on the link to see our features page.

We hope you find Email Blaster works for you and, we encourage you to open a free account and have a try.

For more videos like this, please visit our youtube channel Email Marketing UK.

Thank you.

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