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Preparing To Go Live With Automate.

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Britain is currently covered in a thick layer of snow with everyone struggling to get to work, but it is still a busy time for us at email blaster. As you may have noted, over the last months we have been working on one of our biggest ever developments – and that is automate.

After a long exciting road, development finished on automate a few weeks back. Since then we have been testing, testing and re-testing. Bug testing such a large project is a complex task in its own – however thankfully we have not uncovered any major issues with automate performing fantastically inside our bug tests.

On Monday this week we pushed out the automate engine to our live servers. During development we keep everything on dedicated Dev servers kept away from the live network. Automate is not yet live inside email blaster, we are currently using this time to test the project with a few test campaigns inside our live network. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the test results to come in, let’s hope everything works just as intended. We are are all very excited to release automate for use and hope to do so very soon.

So today we will be finishing off more tests while trying to keep warm in a very drafty converted barn office which struggles to hold heat, especially when it is -5c outside! Even our residential office dob (Baxter) is curled up tightly inside his bed trying to keep warm – certainly a change from his normal barking at every item that moves, especially technology.

I hope to be posting further updates on automate go live very shortly, until then 🙂

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