Free lunches and cheap purchased email databases…..much in-common.

Purchased databases are pretty much a waste of time and money. Having seen lots of purchased email databases over the years, I’ve yet to see one that is any good, every once in a while we see a real gem…

A prospective customer asked the other day if he could use a purchased database, as the contacts had not opted in we declined. He then sent out to a small sample of said list using his company’s own email account and browser.

Luckily he’d only sent out to a small sample, nearly 80% of them were hard bounces, they’d also received spam complaints and exposed their own company domain name for being blocked for sending spam. In less than 24 hours they’d also had their company email hacked.

It transpired that the database had been purchased offshore for less than $10.

How to torpedo your own business in under 24 hours.