Have you noticed our new website? Last friday we released our new public website. While the content and packages have stayed the same, we decided it was time to update the layout.

We have implemented a new cleaner, easier to use layout. The order area has also been given a complete overhaul – all Email Blaster packages can be viewed by a easy to use drop down menu. On the order page we have also included a bullet pointed area highlighting some of the great reasons to let Email Blaster power your email marketing.

You may also have noticed that we have updated our video demo of the system. The resolution of the demos video has been raised to full HD quality. While you may consider the main use of High Definition as a great way to enjoy films, you can now view our video demo in full HD!

Please feel free to check out our new HD email marketing video

Have a browse through our new website and let us know your feedback!

Other News…

In other news, we will shortly be bringing online several new additional email servers to cope with demand. The new servers has successfully arrived at our data-centre and are in the process of being configured. Watch this space!