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New Updates Now Live

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Over the last month we have been working on a new round of updates to the Email Blaster UK system. We are pleased to announce that all updates are now live:

Increased stability

Recently we received a few reports where emails scheduled to be sent were taking a while to be picked up by our email gateways. This issue was caused by some reliability issues on Windows based email gateways. To increase stability we have switched over to Linux based email gateways which have proved to be much more reliable. All Linux gateways are now live. Users should now find greater reliability when scheduling email campaigns to send.

Sending Campaigns Now 400% Faster!

We have also invested in powerful new hardware in our London Datacentre. As a result of these new gateways and optimisation of the core email blaster code we have managed to increase the rate at which your email campaigns send by over 400%. Now you can get your message out effectively and much faster.

Track Sending Status of Campaigns Live

We have also been working on a tracking page so you can track the sending status of your email campaigns in real time. Previously customers were only able to view that the campaign was ‘sending’ with no status. You can now view how many emails of your campaign have been sent it real time. This is displayed via a great looking graphical loading bar with automatically updates without the need for you to reload the web page.

To track the sending status of your email campaign live: click on the ‘send email campaign menu’ and click on ‘view email queue’

Your Feedback

We hope you enjoy using the new developments to Email Blaster. Your feedback is very welcome. If you have any suggestions for future developments to the system – please let us know!

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