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New round of system updates now live

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We are very pleased to announce that the latest round of updates to the Email Blaster system is now live. Over the last few weeks we have been busy working hard to develop and improve our email marketing software even further.

Please find a summary of our latest system updates listed blow:

  • Improved GUI – We have made several tweaks to the graphical user interface on Email Blaster to help improve presentation and ease of use. The majority of all input screens have been given a complete face lift with a new clearer style for data input. This should make using the system even easier than before.
  • Billing System Integration – The OrderWizz order and billing system has now been integrated into the Email Blaster Portal. From now on all your billing and invoicing history will be located inside your EBUK portal. To access the billing area, simply click on “billing” this is located under the “account” menu.
  • Improved Data View – All data, such as your mailing lists, email contacts, email campaign statistics are now presented in interactive tables. Simply hover your mouse over a table row to highlight it, making it much easier to view and navigate around your live data feeds.
  • New Ticketing System – The Email Blaster support ticketing system has been given a face lift. The integrated support desk has been re-designed to increase ease to use. When a member of staff replies to your support ticket, you will be automatically emailed the message and instant notification.
  • Safari Fully Supported – We have tweaked several areas of the support to enable full webkit support. Safari users will be able to use all areas of the EBUK portal in full.
  • SPF Record Generator – To help improve your email deliverability rate we have introduced a SPF record generator to the Email Blaster software. Once you set the system to appear to send from your company email address, you will be automatically generated a SPF record. Doing so will drastically increase your open rates. Unlike many of our competitors, this is a free service included in EBUK – Not an optional extra!

We hope that you enjoy using the new and improved system. Feedback is always welcome.

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