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NEW – Record Email Bounces

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We have today released a new feature for Email Blaster UK.

From now on when you send your email marketing campaigns all email bounces will be recorded and automatically added into your statistics centre. You can easily keep track of hard/soft bounces all in a easy to use graphical format.

What is an email bounce?

When you send out your email campaigns you will normally get a few email bounces. An email bounce is when an email does not reach its recipient, this may occur for if one of the following is present:

– There is a typo in the email address
– The email address no longer exists
– The recipient mailbox is full
– The recipient is currently on holiday and have an ‘out of office’ notification setup
– You email is rejected by the recipients spam filter

Hard/Soft Bounces

Our new system is also capable of recording if the email bounce was a hard of soft bounce.

A hard bounce is where the email is returned because the recipient address is invalid (you may have a typo in the email address, or the domain name which you are sending to may no longer exist)

A soft bounce is where your email gets as far as the recipient email server but is then rejected. This may occur if the mailbox no longer exists

Bounces Automatic Removal

Along with being able to record bounces, Email Blaster UK will also automatically remove bounce email addresses from your mailing lists.

If a hard bounce occurs, the contact will be automatically removed from your mailing list within 7 days. Alternatively, if a soft bounce occurs 3 or more times, the email address will be removed.

Removing bounced email addresses is very important, if you continue to send to an email address which bounces back, you will then risk getting your email server blacklisted – this will mean none of your emails will get accepted by spam filters.

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