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Multi-send email marketing…coming very soon

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It has been a busy month at EBHQ, we’ve been working on a new multi-send script, making it even easier to send out coordinated email email marketing campaigns.

Inside your EB account, you can store lots and lots of email databases, this is a perfect way of storing data in easily manageable pieces.  We are just putting the finishing touches on a new send interface, which means you can now select to send your email newsletter to as many of your stored lists at once.

You can see all of your lists on one screen and simply select which ones you want to send to with an easy to manage selection box.  If you decide to use this great new feature in tandem with the scheduling system, you can now time mailings to multiple lists quickly and easily.  This means that once set up – your email marketing through the next months can be completely automated.

We will be launching the new system over the next week.  Watch this space for more new of great features coming your way.

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