email suppression

Managing email suppression.

Managing email suppression can be a complicated task. Sometimes your customers unsubscribe, the worst thing you can do is accidentally re-import them, this can lead to spam complaints and delivery problems.

To solve this common email marketing problem, we have come up with a nifty little app which has just gone live inside your email blaster – say hello to suppress.

Suppress is the quick and easy way to build and manage your own suppression list of contacts which you never wish to email. Over the last few months our coding ninjas have been hard at work developing an easy to use suppression app that automates email suppression and at the same time is quick and easy to run.

What can suppress do?

• Quick and easy interface allowing you to add/edit and delete your own block list.

• Integrated CSV database import wizard for uploading suppression lists from your PC.

• Attach custom notes to each email address for your reference.

• Any new email database imported will be scanned against your suppression list.

• Intelligent search to quickly locate a suppression.

• Automatic scan every 24 hours of all your mailing lists ensuring you don’t accidentally import a suppressed email.

How to get started

If you are an email blaster user, great – just login to email blaster and head over to the app store: 

1.Click on apps from the main menu.
2.Select ‘+ add more apps’.
3.Install the suppress app.

If you are on a monthly account, the app is included free, for pay as you go users this comes in at £4.99 (one off).

If you are not yet an email blaster user, we would love for you to give email blaster a go and try our new suppress app, head over here to open a free account.