Over the next few days we will be rolling out a complete new send system across our mail servers, the updates will take about a week to roll out across the entire network of mail servers.

We have completely re-written the send script and send process, recent improvements in hardware and software mean that send speeds will be 6 times faster, this means that large campaigns will go out faster than ever.

The all new super lightweight code that is used to send each campaign will also offer increased deliverability, as the processing is now much smaller this means that the chances of your recipient’s mail server classing it as spam are now greatly reduced.

We have also made significant improvements to the way that your email performs the ‘hand shake’ process when it meet your recipient’s mail server.  Over the past few months there have been several changes in the way that the big email client packages greet an email and then decide whether it is to be delivered to the inbox or bounced back as potential spam.

With these new changes bundled in with the new send script, over the coming weeks all EBUK clients will see some really impressive stats.

A big shot of über speed is on it’s way to you as we speak!